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Pure relaxation

In our alluring wellness zone you can truly relax after an action-packed day enjoying sports or an intense daytrip. Relax your muscles in the steam bath or in the infrared cabin, use the shower to cool off and then come to rest in the relaxation room. A blessing for body, mind and soul!

Infrared cabin

Why not use the deep heat of the infrared cabin for your relaxation? In the infrared cabin, heat is generated by means of infrared radiation. When the invisible rays land on human skin, they are transformed into soothing warmth. This warmth is both mild and gentle. It prompts the body to relax and also boosts the blood flow, metabolism and immune system. Soothing and healthy!

Steam bath

Steam baths have been around since the time of the old Romans. We also have a steam bath for you to relax. At around 50° C and relatively high humidity, droplets form in the air and on the skin. The warmth increases our body temperature and the muscles – but also the mind – relax. Afterwards, you’ll feel fit for the next they!